Welcome to Sydney Cosmetics Clinic

Sydney Cosmetics Clinic is dedicated to providing its clients with individualised non-surgical cosmetic solutions.

We want you to look and feel your best.

Under the expertise of Dr Tom Goyer MBBS BSc(biochem), we offer high grade personalised cosmetic treatments and specialise in cosmetic injectables.

Sydney Cosmetics Clinic provides an holistic approach to cosmetic skin care.

From your first consultation with the professional friendly and knowledgeable team at Sydney Cosmetics Clinic, you will be impressed with our dedication to your personal beauty goals, and excited by the changes you experience as our expert team work with you using the latest in cosmetic medicine technologies to enhance your natural features and show a more beautiful you.

Whether you come to Sydney Cosmetics Clinic aiming to change a feature you have never liked, enhance your natural beauty or reverse the signs of ageing and create a more youthful appearance, our dedicated team can help with your beauty transformation.

Talk to us today about the best cosmetic solutions for your skin and your body, and how we can work together to enhance your natural beauty.

Look Younger Instantly

Eliminate wrinkles quickly with anti wrinkle injections that soften fine lines and crows feet. Remove unwanted forehead wrinkles and look instantly refreshed.

Plump Your Lips

Flattering fuller lips complete the face. Achieve natural looking fuller lips with cosmetic lip enhancement using the highest quality dermal fillers.

Rejuvenate Your Skin

Facial laser treatments leave your skin glowing. Refresh your face and improve skin tone, texture, complexion, minimise pores and remove pigmentation.

Goodbye Spider Veins

It takes a little as 3 non-surgical treatments to remove painful leg veins. Get rid of spider veins and varicose veins and feel confident to wear skirts again.


Dr Goyer and the team at Sydney Cosmetics Clinic operate a professional cosmetic medicine practice based on three essential pillars of good cosmetic medicine

Dr Tom Goyer Sydney Cosmetics Clinic

Dr Tom Goyer and his expert staff are committed to ensuring open communication with clients throughout their cosmetic therapies, and the Sydney Cosmetics Clinic prides itself being showing integrity in all client interactions. We offer an holistic approach to help clients achieve their beauty or anti ageing cosmetic goals by providing skin care solutions including cutting-edge non-surgical, minimally evasive cosmetic procedures to ensure all clients achieve natural looking cosmetic results.

As well as non-surgical cosmetic procedure, Dr Goyer also offers personalised skin advice and home treatment solutions for your skin type, and provides professional medical advice such as how to reduce acne scars, repair sun damaged skin and pigmentation treatment at home, plus has the best anti aging skin care products.