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Enhance your skin with personalised cosmetic solutions from Sydney Cosmetic Clinic.


With our North Sydney Cosmetic Clinic located in a stylish tree-lined street, just 15 minutes from Sydney’s CBD, plus our new Wollongong Cosmetic Clinic providing convenient personalised cosmetic treatments to the Illawara area from the Crows St Mall, our cosmetic clinic is committed to helping our clients improve their personal image.

Our skincare experts are committed to ensuring every client receives the most effective and advanced treatments in cosmetic medicine and we offer a diverse selection of non-surgical cosmetic treatments for men and women.

Contact us to arrange a free consultation with our experienced and reputable cosmetic surgeon Dr Tom, or call us for your appointment for lip fillers, anti-wrinkle injections, sclerotherapy, treatment of skin conditions, scar removal, removal of dark circles under eyes or treatment of adult acne.


Sydney Cosmetics Clinic Locations:


North Sydney Cosmetics Clinic Address:

63 West Street
North Sydney
NSW 2060


Wollongong Cosmetics Clinic Address:

1/133 Crown St
NSW 2500

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(02) 9929 1253


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At Sydney Cosmetic Clinic we offer a complete cosmetic beauty experience.

If you would like to make an appointment for cosmetic treatments at either our North Sydney or Wollongong cosmetic clinics, or your free consultation with Dr Tom, please email us at

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