Lip Enhancement

 Lip enhancement treatments create beautiful and full lips.

At Sydney Cosmetic Clinic we ensure that our clients receive a professional lip filler procedure that is a natural shape to enhance their natural facial features.

We provide non-surgical lip enhancement procedures for both men and for women who want to enhance their natural beauty.

If you are seeking fuller and lovely-looking lips, you can easily attain desirable cosmetics results through cosmetic injections of lip dermal fillers.

Why we use dermal fillers

There is always a lot of discussion about what is the best type of cosmetic filler injection.

Lip fillers are the easy and affordable way to enhance your lips naturally.

Cosmetic professionals agree that dermal fillers deliver the best results for lip enhancement, providing your skin with elasticity to appear naturally youthful and structure to prevent sagging.

Durable and with the ability to last up to 18 months, dermal lip fillers have a natural feel and look, even when placed under the skin.

Dermal fillers can be placed either on the border of the lip for more definition, or in the body of the lips for a plumped, fuller look. Under the professional use of our trained cosmetic doctor, filler injections look completely natural and feel smooth.

Lip plumping

The lips are a crucial part of the aesthetic appeal of a face and cosmetic enhancement of lips is a very delicate art.

That’s why our expert cosmetic doctor, Dr Tom Goyer, works hard to make sure a balance is achieved in the face between the surrounding skin (the frame) and the lips themselves (the picture).

At Sydney Cosmetics Clinic, before providing lip plumping treatment, our initial free consultation considers your entire facial skin and the areas surrounding your lips. If we treat the lips in isolation whilst forgetting about surrounding face, there is the potential to create disharmony or clash effect.


These real success stories show how effective lip plumping procedures can be. See for yourself the effects of filler in lips before and after.


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